Admission Open for M.Sc., B.Sc., PC B.Sc., GNM,
General Information

Attendance, progress and conduct :

Each student mush have a certificate of satisfactory attendence progess and conduct from the principal of the college of Nursing to be eligible for appearing in the university examination.

Internal assessment :

There shall be an internal assessment which follows broadly the principle enunicated by the university in each subject for which 20% of the marks are set apart and this will be added to the final marks in the university examinations. There shall be a minimum of two assignment and three periodical tests in every subject each year to assess the progress of the candidates.

If a candidate fails in an examination, his/her internal assessment shall be assessed again in he/she is regular student fro the second attempt only and marks which is higher will be considered.

Declaration of Result :


Main subject:
A candiate is declared to have passed the examination in a subject, if she/he secures 50% of the marks in theory and 50% in practical separately For a pass in theory a candidate has to secure a minimum of 40% marks in the university conducted written examination and assessment (theory) added together and for a pass in practical, a candidate has to secure a minimum of 40% of the marks in university conducted practical examination and internal assessment (practical) added together.
Subsidiary subjects :
The Examination for subsidiary subjects shall be conducted by the respective colleges. For a pass in the subsidiary a candidate shall secure 35% of the total marks prescribed for the subjects and has to pass all the subsidiary subjects before appearing for the final year university exams.
Tele Medicine :
Training is given on telemedicine for three months. It is included along with the nursing curriculum. Certificates are issued separately.





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